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Estateza® is the industry leader of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. We help thousands of real estate investors, wholesalers, agents, and brokers compete in the highly competitive residential investing market. We provide the data and tools to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

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Increase efficiency and find more opportunities by using Estateza. We help you locate and evaluate highly profitable real estate investment opportunities.

Identify Leads

Find the right market to grow your real estate business by searching the largest nationwide real estate database:

  • Locate new properties within your market
  • See market trends in real time
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competitors

Research Properties

Quickly search and evaluate properties within your market to see if they fit your investment strategy.

  • Gain market insight from the largest investor focused real estate database in the world
  • Get immediate access to market value and potential property returns
  • Instantly view comps from the MLS sales data

Track Real Estate Trends

We’ve got you covered. We track every real estate transaction across the US and provide you with informed decisions in any market.

  • Track rental markets
  • See which markets near you are more profitable
  • Search for properties by profitability, points of interest, demographics, crime, and much more

Estateza Benefits

Simplify Your Processes – Estateza brings in data nationwide and provides it in an easy-to-use solution. We provide rental estimates, profitability forecasting, comps, and much more instantly. You do not need to use any other platform besides ours. We are an all-in-one solution.

Save Resources – Save time and money by using Estateza. You don’t need to pay for multiple services or people to underwrite properties for you. We do it all, and we are the best in the industry. We save real estate professionals months of research.

Comprehensive Data – No matter your goals, if you're a real estate investor, wholesaler, agent, or broker - we have the data you need. We help thousands of real estate professionals, and we are 100% committed to helping you too.

Customer Support – We offer world class customer support for our users. Our data experts can help you with your most difficult data questions.

Estateza Knowledge Hub

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